About Me


Welcome to Chameleons Paradise.

Bruce, the site’s owner, has been working with chameleons for over 45 years. Being raised in a science and nature oriented-family, and a budding interest for biology; care for reptiles and amphibians came naturally. Over the course of his career, Bruce’s enthusiasm for keeping and breeding chameleons grew. At this time, Bruce has cared for over 30 different chameleon species. Moreover, he has successfully raised many chameleon-species to degree of multiple generations (sometimes more than three generations). Bruce is also a professional breeder and the owner of chameleonparadise.com, where he has provided supplemental instruction and support for thousands of customers. Having been so fortunate to be able to work these amazing colorful, monkey, tree-dragons, we are happy to pass on lots of amazing experiences and photographs. Have fun, and just enjoy Chameleon Paradise….