Supplement List and Directions

Calcium with NO D3…. Zoo Med calcium with no D3…. almost every day until 1 year of growth. When dusting with powder, be careful not to use to much, light dusting, not all white like a ghost

Calcium with D3… ONLY TWO times per month, every 2 weeks… be careful not to overdue and make sure all the supplements used DON’T have D3 in them, as too much D3 is toxic.

Multivitamin Zoo Med Reptivite… with NO D3 in it. Has man made Vitamin A in it… important to have. Give them 2 -3 times per month. light dusting, first feed of the morning and watch them eat the dusted multivitamin feeder in front of your eyes, so that you are sure they got the multivitamin, and did not get cleaned off by the cricket.

Mineral… minerals and trace elements… are sweet and have light calcium in it. Use Outdoor version = RED Top container, with NO d3 in it. Mineral give them 2 – 3 times per week the first year of growth and AGE.