Chameleon Misting Systems

Misting plays a key role in keeping a happy healthy chameleon(s). Misting helps to maintain humidity, flushes out eye irritants, provides a water source, and benefits your live plants. There are many different ways of misting. Some of us use a hand mister/spray bottle, some use a pressurized plant sprayer, and some use an automatic misting system. Most who have only one or two cages to mist will use a hand spray bottle. Try that with more then a few cages three plus times per day everyday and your hands will be in pain. Automatic misting is a very useful and effective way of misting multiple cages all at the same time, every day hands free. This relieves the stress of you having to do it manually and remembering when to do it. There are a few brands of packaged automatic misting systems.

An automatic misting system may not be for everyone. If you only have one or two chameleons to care for you may not see a need for investing in one. When you have multiple cages, an automatic misting system is an invaluable part of your setup. An automatic misting system also works great in case you have to leave town for a few days or go on vacation. Chameleons can go with out food for days, but daily hydration is critical for health. This way your sitter only needs to feed your chameleons not mist them 3+ times per day. This is where the automatic part of the system comes in to play. The system will turn on and off with or without you being home. I am going to go in to detail on how I have my indoor and outdoor systems put together.

Indoor Auto Mister

The indoor system I use is a pre-made kit, Climist with added nozzles and tubing to what comes with the kit for all my cages. These kits are very easy to set up, and are worth every penny in my opinion.

Supply List

The Cyclone Kit Includes:

(1) NEW NOW WITH LARGER PUMP CliMist Darwin 100 Diaphragm Misting Pump

(2) CliMist 1/4″ Pump Fittings

(1) CliMist 1.5A Power Adapter

(1) CliMist Digital Seconds Timer

(1) CliMist Bulk Head

(1) CliMist O-ring

(1) CliMist Plug

(1) CliMist Elbow Single Tip Twister Misting Assembly

(1) 15′ Roll CliMist Black Tubing

Step 1
First thing is to set up the misting system to the cages. This includes one misting assembly for each cage and enough tubing to connect all the misting assemblies together to the pump and then to the reservoir. The system will come with instruction on how to set it up, just make sure you buy any extra nozzle assemblies and tubing if needed when you purchase the system.

The misting durations will differ from user to user. Play around with the system till you find what works best for you. With misting comes excess water, so you may consider adding a collection tub to your setup if you find you get a lot of excess water. This can be as simple as a plastic pre made tub to a custom built acrylic tub. You can find a large selection of tubs at superstores; you should be able to find something that will work for your setup.