About Us

Our breeding program is operated out of our greenhouse. Our goal is to help you succeed in maintaining happy, healthy, chameleons. This starts at copulation, with strong genetics. Our panthers are selectively bred from the finest wild stock. This is to insures strong bloodlines and genetics for all our customers.

Should you want to breed or just have a killer chameleon, we do it all. Our panther offspring are grown up to at least 3 months of age, before we release them from Chameleon Paradise. Most of our offspring are already showing color before they even ship. Our offspring are also eating at minimum 3/8” crickets, and not just bigger then others on the market but more colorful. Just read our customer feedback!

Our customers are often blown away at the panther(s) they unpack the next morning from us. We feel very confident we will not only meet your expectations, but we will exceed them. Other breeders may think were crazy, but that’s why our customers refer to us as the “best”. We don’t go along with trends, we set our own. After all, our slogan is “Escape the Ordinary”.

As most of our customers already know, we are more then happy to answer your questions. Should you call or email us, you can be assured a fast, accurate, and reliable answer. We are here for you day in and day out, before and after a sale! We can’t wait to hear from you today.